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for Design and Typography *a work in progress due 
to be released Dec. 2017 Appreciating a rich and diverse history of typographic exploration, it’s shifting functionality, stylistic qualities and use of various tools, Transient explores the idea of a typeface being a momentary subject in a matter of passing time. History and exploration undeniably informs our approach to design today. 
No idea is truly original, innovation and creativity is dependent on what we already know. If there’s no room for a new classic then perhaps we can allow ourselves to indulge in the momentary style of the present. Designed as a display typeface, Transient intends to do just this. Reflecting a point in time that we’ve reached, influenced by classic Roman proportions and high contrast of the broad nib pen. Alternatively, it embraces a unique style that now, with fresh eyes is deemed beautiful, may inevitably fade into future oblivion.
Shelby De Fazio 2017