RMIT NAS Chronicle
Editorial design A 160 page publication showcasing 
RMITs New Academic Street Project Client: RMIT University Photography by James Whiting The New Academic Street Chronicle showcases the achievements of RMIT University's New Academic Street (NAS) project, providing an overview of all the activity that RMIT and the NAS office managed over the life of the project, as well as the key features 
of the new spaces. The publication looks at the entire life of the project - from the planning, design, demolition and construction to how staff and students engaged with the project via work integrated learning initiatives, activations, research projects and more. The finished spaces are showcased throughout the publication by a range of images shot by students and alumni. 
The publication has been printed on various stock throughout– Knight Vellum, Envirocare and Sovereign Gloss to best present the range images and content. The New Academic Street Chronicle was distributed to the public at the City campus Celebrate RMIT event (130 years of RMIT) and has since been distributed to all 
of those involved in the NAS project. The publication serves as 
a showcase and an archival document for the future.
Shelby De Fazio 2017